Brian has been helping me with my stubborn husky Cotah. Cotah has a tendency to react to other dogs while he is on leash and that really limits the places we can go. But, Brian has shown me how confidence and consistency can dramatically improve my dog’s behavior. Now I am better able to manage my anxiety while nurturing and challenging Cotah. Cotah is happy and I’m happy!

Anna and Cotah

Brian brought his calm energy to my pack and made it so much better! Ollie had horrible manners when visitors were coming to the door. Brian showed me the right way to interact with Ollie and help him redirect his anxious energy to more constructive greetings. It’s like he is a new dog to our visitors!

Will and Ollie

I can't say enough about Brian. Due to our work-travel schedules, my husband and I needed care for our Mastiff/Boxer, Bowser. Doggie daycare was a no-go because of Bowser's anxiety and other medical issues. Bowser was also a tiny bit aggressive toward certain other dogs while on leash... something we really worked at but is also challenging when you have a 75lb dog. Brian to the rescue! Brian is an amazing, trustworthy dog sitter & trainer. After being with Brian for a short period of time, Bowser's behavior improved. Brian worked with me to encourage Bowser to have good on-leash manners. Brian is incredibly calm, professional, and dependable.

Sarah and Bowser

Brian is awesome! I have never had a dog before, and within the first week of getting Bella I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. Luckily a friend recommended Brian to me. When I took Bella to Brian's house and walked her through the front door she immediately began obeying his commands. I was stunned. I knew then that Brian was going to be Bella's trainer. Now when Bella realizes that she is going to Brian's house she gets super excited. Bella loves Brian and I couldn't have asked for a better trainer.

Autumn and Bella

Before I rescued Ruffles he was living in a dangerous and abusive situation. This setting left him with an anxious and confused demeanor, so I decided to look for help. After doing some research I found Brian Gruber and was instantly struck by his professionalism, patience, and knowledge. He was respectful of my opinion, the critical issues I raised, and he took the time to discuss a thorough training plan. After working with him, I've learned how to reinforce certain actions in order to build Ruffles' trust and confidence. Much to my satisfaction, Ruffles has become the dog that I always believed he could be. He is a GREAT dog! I highly recommend Brian Gruber as a trainer.

Cheryl and Ruffles

My husband and I were ready to put our dog Kaya down due to her fear based aggression. In an attempt to fix the issue I worked with multiple trainers and spent thousands of dollars to no avail. I was really at the end of my rope due to the fact that she was dangerous, and it was beyond stressful taking her out under any circumstance.

I found Brian Gruber after talking with someone in my apartment complex about her experience with him. She was raving about how good he was with her dogs, so I gave him a call not expecting much. Before meeting with Brian, one of my concerns was having him in our apartment with Kaya off leash. I was afraid that she would attack him. But, when he met with us he just came in and owned the space. Brian was amazing with Kaya, the Dog Whisperer x 1,000. Now my husband and I are comfortable taking her out for walks and handling her. We’ve worked with Brian only a few times but in those few times we’ve learned more from him than all of the other trainers combined. He is truly amazing with dogs!!!

Jill, Paul, and Kaya

It was incredibly impressive to see how one session made a world of difference! My two Frenchie pups, Mowgli & Milo, like to jump on people and ignore me when we step outside. Brian and Alex showed me how to communicate with them and how to understand our relationship better. Instead of having to set apart time on my busy schedule to go to classes, Brian, Alex, and Bailey came over and set me up for success. After only one session, I feel comfortable and in control in crowded areas. Thank you!

Ana, Mowgli, and Milo

Our dog Wink was constantly lunging, barking, and getting overly excited. It was pretty frustrating because it seemed like we had tried everything. Then one weekend we had Brian watch Wink. We were amazed at how obedient she was with him and immediately booked a training session. Brian's training has helped tremendously. We feel more confident with our dog and are better able to take control of her behavior. It is so nice to finally take control of her crazy lunging/barking issues. It really feels like we have a new dog.

Jade, Ryan, and Wink

I asked Brian to help me with my six-month old rescue pup, Tenzin, who has destructive behaviors I had previously only read about. Brian asked lots of questions about my experiences with this little guy, and developed a customized training strategy for us. He demonstrated those techniques in a real-world setting, my home, and Tenzin’s response to him astounded me. Over the past six weeks, this puppy has responded well to the reward-based training methods, and Brian’s positive calm coaching has kept us both on track. Tenzin is still listening to me and learning, my frustration level has diminished dramatically, and I can now sustain “The Brian Effect” with him. This methodology has gotten us through anger and frustration (on both sides, I’m sure) to building trust and affection. Although the mellow mixed-breed dog I thought I was selecting turned out to be a Cairn Terrier mix, I learned tools that are effective even with this strong-willed and stubborn dog. Thank you, Brian.

Candis and Tenzin

Such a gift working with Brian and Happy Dog Happy Life Dog Training! Met Brian at a running clinic for people with their dogs and automatically could tell how much he connected with Griswold and booked him right away! He came to my house, was extremely comprehensive and really listened to concerns to helped build confidence in my training. His follow-up was great and the principles learned were easy to continue following. I have noticed great improvement with Griswold and would absolutely recommend Brian's training for anyone regardless of age and how far along (or not) their training is! Thanks, Brian!

Christine and Griswold

  • "Wow! Thanks to all the staff at Anderson Vet Clinic. I feel like you all truly love what you do! My kitty, Lola and I always have such a pleasant experience when we come in. Fortunately, it’s usually just for a check-up, but I would not leave Lola in anyone else’s hands but yours. Thank you for your caring commitment!"
  • "I have benefited tremendously from the care my pet received from Dr. Anderson."
  • "Fabio wasn’t eating the food I was giving him and I didn’t feel he was getting the nutrition he needed. Thanks to Dr. Anderson, he evaluated Fabio and his current diet to make some recommendations and now Fabio has gone from barely eating to finishing his meals and he looks healthier than ever. You clearly are an expert in your field...thanks so much!"

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